Touch The Sky (the other rant)

I’ve been a Kanye fan since day one but not in the same way as others, I guess. I’m a fan of his character, ambition and story.

Though he may not be acting in the manner that I (as a fan) would wish for him, I simply can’t disregard his talents or contributions to this world based on an opinion. Furthermore I can’t forget nor repay him for the many moments when his talents have lifted my hopes & esteem in ways that can’t be thoroughly explained through script. For that I thank him.

In my eyes he’s not real. Not in the sense of a “greater being” but more of an archetype. The fact that I have never met him and will probably never get a chance to know him personally, leaves my impression of Kanye at that, an archetype. He is a figure, who’s personal and professional life is constantly being advertised to me. I appreciate his talents, admire his accolades and can relate to his personal frustrations. For that I’m a fan.

One of my favorite Kanye moments.
(definitely worth the 9 mins)

Kanye Touch

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