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“All The Way Live” strives to help communities around the world in providing food, materials, and clothing to sustain a healthy living environment. ATWL has been to different places worldwide helping communities in Philippines, Taiwan, and USA. As a mentor, we go to many schools within the country to teach children of different ages and races about the awareness of Hip Hop in a positive manner. Through the power of dance, we explain to the children that dancing to us is a passion in which we use as a doorway in finding positive outlooks in life. We teach the children that having a passion gives energy to life in creating goals to look forward to.

My name is Raul Navalta and I have been invited to many places to perform, encourage, and educate kids on the positive aspects of hip hop. To tell you a little about myself, I’m a dedicated performing artist and have been so for the past 3 years. My affiliation with “All The Way Live” began in 2006, and even before that I had 2 years of non-profit experience. I’ve been dancing for a about ten years now, and I see myself sharing my knowledge & experience with future students as a career. My passion is to encourage underprivileged children to overcome the realities of life through positive outlets, such as Art (in my case dance). I believe each child has the ability to change the world. And with a little training, guidance, and motivation he or she will realize it themselves.

Our next destination is Nicaragua, in which we are providing assistance to ten different schools in impoverished cities. Nicaragua is the poorest country in all of Central America and our goal is to provide clothes, school materials, food, and as many resources as possible in order to better the community. My goal is to provide my energy and passion in helping the communities and children in anything they might need. In order for me to succeed, I need help in funding my trip to pay for flight, food, and shelter. My goal is to raise $1000 and any cent/dollar will be grateful. Your contributions will be much appreciated from me and the communities. Other ways to help is by donating any clothes, schools materials, or food for the children and families. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this, if you cannot help donate, please send your prayers out to the children and families.


Raul Navalta

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