reminded me of [YOU]

Robin Thick- Love You Girl (Smooth Mix)

This is a shot of my hotel room in Burbank.  I lived in this room for almost 3 months, while we were on the show.  There are so many things to say about this damn room; bathroom surprises, sleepless nights, Bionic farting in his sleep, etc.

This room taught me what it meant to “LIVE THE DREAM”.  I spent most of my time thinking about life and how great it could be to just live off your talents.  Imagining a life dedicated to all the things that matter most: family, friends, and art.  At the time our only concern was dance & creating a show that could “wow” a crowd.  We lived in a community focused on a single goal; to put on a great show.

Though we were surrounded by our “competitors”, we realized that we were all in the same boat.  So if we seemed to be struggling with a challenge brought to us by the show, chances are everyone else was too.

Nights of seemingly endless rehearsals, failed concepts leading to group arguments, and finally the “triumphant” performance only to be shot down by production…

these are the things that I [LOVE & MISS] most about the show.

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